Top 5 Ways to fight Spring Allergies in Louisiana

Louisiana’s humid climate and warm springtime temperatures make it a tough place for those who suffer from spring allergies. Tree pollen, mold spores and grasses that cause sneezing, watery eyes and other symptoms tend to flourish this time of year. Tree pollen typically causes problems for allergy sufferers between April and June, while grasses cause symptoms to flare up in late spring and all through summer. Mold spores can be a problem all year round, but they’re usually more numerous in spring and summer. If you’re among the Louisiana residents affected by seasonal allergies, there are several ways to lower your risk of having reactions to pollen, mold and grass.

Avoid Allergy Triggers

One of the most effective ways to reduce spring allergies is by limiting your exposure to the triggers that cause them. While this can be difficult to do when pollen and mold spores are in the air outside, you can take steps to reduce the amount that you breathe in by doing the following:

  • Spend time outdoors after it rains. The pollen count is typically lower on rainy days and highest on dry, windy days.
  • Change your clothes when you come in from outside. Pollen and mold spores can cling to your outfit and trigger reactions. Leave your shoes by the door, so you won’t track pollen throughout your home.
  • Put on a pollen mask if you have to mow the lawn or do any gardening.

Use Over-the-Counter Medications

Over-the-counter medications, such as oral antihistamines and nasal sprays, can provide you with short-term relief from sneezing, itchy eyes and other allergy symptoms. Decongestants can help clear up congestion in your nose, while allergy medications with combinations of decongestants and antihistamines can provide even more relief. These medications should be used for short periods of time, usually when allergy season is at its worst, rather than on a long-term basis all year round. If you have allergy symptoms throughout the year, talk to your doctor about other solutions.

Protect Indoor Air Quality

Pollen, mold spores and grasses can make their way into your Louisiana home and cause allergy symptoms. You can keep your indoor air as free of these allergens as possible by running your air conditioning instead of leaving your windows open. Keep in mind that humidity can encourage mold growth and make allergies worse, so use a humidifier to maintain low humidity levels during spring. You can also boost indoor air quality by using high-efficiency filters to clean the air in your home and a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter to remove allergens.

Clear Your Sinuses

If seasonal allergies cause nasal congestion, consider rinsing your sinuses with saline solution to clear them out. Doing so helps clear our pollen, mold spores and other allergens, which can reduce allergy symptoms. You can rinse with a Neti pot using sterile water and a saline solution, but remember to thoroughly clean it with sterile water after each use.

Use Extra Caution with High Pollen Counts

Keep track of daily pollen counts in your area by checking online or watching the local news. On days when pollen counts are high, take allergy medication. If your symptoms haven’t started, taking medication early can help prevent them from flaring up. Stay indoors as much as possible, especially in the morning when mold spore and pollen counts are even higher.

Following these tips can help make this allergy season a more pleasant one for you. If you have trouble finding relief from spring allergies, we can help, at any one of our 14 locations in Southeast Louisiana.