Occupational Medicine at MHM Urgent Care

The field of occupational medicine revolves around preventing and treating health conditions that arise due to the workplace environment. At MHM, our Board Certified occupational medicine physicians, and experienced staff members know how to evaluate and treat injuries and illnesses that workers face on a daily basis. Our knowledgeable staff can manage and monitor the clinical care of injured or ill employees. MHM Occupational Medicine further ensures that the workers’ well-being is improved by promoting a healthy lifestyle, and identifying and analyzing workplace hazards.

Occupational Medicine Services

Pre-Employment Examination

  • This is not something that an employer should dismiss without thought. It is a crucial point in the employment screening process. The pre-employment medical exam gives the employer an opportunity to get important information that is relevant to the job description.
  • However, it is just as important to note that there are certain questions that the law prevents an employer from asking. Physicians are not bound by these rules and can get thorough health history information along with the types of medications that an applicant uses.
  • They will also be able to learn about any conditions that should be cause for concern. Knowing about these things can lower liability claims and improve employee efficiency, and can also avoid the employer “buying” a future worker’s comp injury.

Treatment of Injuries

  • When a worker is injured, a physician should see them promptly. This physician should be one who is familiar with the organization and with the work environment in which the employee was injured. This allows for a precise and truthful assessment of what caused the injury and of the injury itself.
  • A Board Certified occupational medicine physician can provide the employer with the information needed to prevent recurrences and minimize risk in the workplace. They can also manage other aspects of workplace injuries beyond the initial incident.
  • At MHM Occ Med, our occupational medicine physicians can help with rehabilitation and education as well as initial treatment. These services can help to build employee morale while also limiting liability claims.

Drug Screening

  • The five-panel drug test mandated by the Department of Transportation (DOT) is useful but only provides a part of the picture.
  • An occupational medicine specialist will be able to use drug tests that provide employers with more information and that can be performed alongside the DOT test. This can help to limit the risks associated with drug use.

Return to Work and Interval Exams

  • Employers must assess workers who have been off work for extended periods due to illness or injury. If they return to work without being evaluated by a physician who practices occupational medicine, an injury that is not work-related can quickly become a work-related one.
  • It is important to remember that the worker’s personal physician may not be aware of their work responsibilities or environment and so may not be able to determine whether they are truly ready to return to work.
  • The worker may not be able to perform at their previous level or they may have been prescribed medications that affect their ability to perform.

Should you need any help, we have 5 Occupational Medicine clinics conveniently located to best serve employers and workers alike.