The MHM Healthcare Discount Card Program

Sign up for the MHM Healthcare Discount Card program during your next visit to any MHM Urgent Care walk-in clinic and you’ll save immediately. You, your spouse, and all legal dependents can use the MHM Discount Card to save on…

  • MHM Urgent Care Discounts
  • Pharmacy Discounts
  • Dental Discounts
  • Vision Care Savings
  • Hearing Discounts
  • MRI, CT, and Ultrasound Discounts
  • Lab Testing Discounts
  • Diabetic Supplies Savings

For only $15 per month and a one-time $5 application fee, you and your immediate family members will receive access to important medical services, receive discounted pricing at all MHM Urgent Care Clinics, as well as discounts at participating dental, vision and pharmacy providers. The MHM Discount Card also offers discounted pricing on hearing aids, MRI and CT scans, lab testing and diabetic supplies.

Your benefits start immediately! By presenting your ID card at a participating provider, you will receive an immediate discount at the time of service. Remember, the MHM Discount Card is an exclusive discount plan. It is NOT insurance or a health insurance policy.

After registering for the plan, you will receive a membership booklet that contains a listing of all MHM Urgent Care locations, including hours of operation, as well as a detailed explanation of all the program offerings. If you still have questions after reviewing the information, feel free to give us a call at 800-800-7616. Ask an MHM Urgent Care employee for more information on how to join.

MHM Urgent Care Discounts

Save every time you visit an MHM Urgent Care location.

  • $75 Sick Visit*
    20% off Procedure Visits*
  • 20% off Lab Tests
  • 20% off X-rays
  • 20% off all Other Services
  • $20 Flu Shots
  • $20 School, Camp, Sports Physicals

*Sick Visit includes treatment for general illness, fracture diagnosis, and strains/sprains. Sick Visit Price listed is for the physician office visit. Lab tests, X-rays, injectable medicines, immunizations, and supplies are extra and receive discounts as listed above.

*Procedure Visits include treatment for lacerations, incision & drainage, foreign body removals, burns, breathing treatments, casting, splinting, and all other procedures.

Pharmacy Savings

  • 10% to 85% discount off most medications
  • Over 60,000 participating pharmacies including Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Target, and Rite Aid
  • Online pricing tool at

Dental Discounts

  • 15% to 50% discount per visit. Actual costs and savings vary by provider, service and geographical area
  • Includes services such as cleanings, X-rays, fillings, root canals, and crowns
  • Includes specialty care services such as orthodontics and periodontics

Vision Care Savings

  • 10% to 30% off medical eye exams
  • 20% to 60% off prescription eyeglasses, including frames, lenses, and specialty items
  • 10% to 40% off soft contact lenses, including disposables, through America’s Eyewear mail order services
  • 40% to 50% off the national average on laser surgery
  • Coast To Coast™ Vision provider network

Hearing Discounts

  • 15% to 35% off hearing aids
  • Free hearing evaluation

Imaging Savings

  • 50% to 75% off* MRI, CT, and Ultrasounds**
  • Over 2,900 radiology facilities
  • Nationwide panel of radiologists and imaging specialists

* Savings may vary based on geographic location, provider and procedure performed

** Available services may vary by provider

Lab Testing Discounts

  • 10% to 80% off blood and other lab testing
  • Extensive network of draw sites of major clinical labs

Diabetic Supplies

  • Packages priced from $29.99 to $169.99 per month – 60% less than average retail prices
  • 15% off individual testing supplies

Please note: This plan is not insurance.