Check Out Our List of the Best Health Apps

Smartphones allow us access to incredible apps at the touch of the button, and yet we often find ourselves gravitating toward Candy Crush or Facebook. There’s no shame in loving social media and entertainment apps, but we’d like to suggest a few the best health apps.

Whether you’re looking for a quick workout, a tool for food allergies, or simply a way to clear your mind after a stressful day, these apps are just a download away.

Health-related smartphone apps can tell you your heart rate, keep track of food allergies, and more. (Photo courtesy Intel Free Press on Flickr)

The app: 7 Minute Workout by Wahoo Fitness

The cost: Free

What it does: Get an intense cardio workout in under seven minutes with this timed app. A series of basic callisthenic exercises like pushups, jumping jacks, and triceps dips to get your heart rate going and burn calories quickly. Rests in between each exercise utilize interval training and allow your body to recover.

The app: Allergy Food Translator by Gregg Greenberg

The cost: $2.99

What it does: People who suffer from food allergies know not to eat foods with their allergic triggers – but what if they’re traveling in another country? This app lets you create profiles for you and your entire family that lists foods you’re sensitive to. The app translates those allergies along with a warning message so you can show it to your hosts, a waiter, hotel concierge, or anyone else you might encounter while you’re abroad or visiting an authentic foreign restaurant.

The app: Instant Heart Rate by Azumio

The cost: Free

What it does: Measure your heart rate wherever you are with this accurate app. When you place your finger gently on the camera lens of your phone, the app will detect your heart rate in fewer than ten seconds.

The app: Headspace

The cost: Free

What it does: This free meditation app allows users to practice simple mindfulness techniques. It’s also available on desktops so you can take a moment of calm at your desk. Headspace’s “Take 10” program teaches you the basics of meditations, or you can choose specific areas to focus on like health, performance, or relationships.

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